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New 3D Web Page: My Portfolio

joel reinke - Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A new portfolio page has now been launched.  The Mountain MultiMedia portfolio page was in need of an update since the new web page design was launched.  I really wanted to keep working with the 3D Flash package that I used for Carousel: Papervision3D.  This was a great opportunity to utilize it.

I've seen many basic 3D portfolios using a rotating carousel (way more basic than the Carousel web site), and many fading slideshows.  I wanted to try something new and exciting, and I came up with the 'Floating Cloud Portfolio'.

Check it out at: http://www.mountainmultimedia.biz/portfolio

What inspired this? I love landscape photography and landscape painting.  This is kind of the Multimedia equivalent of the two.  The web design is similar to the other new web pages, with the mountain locked to the bottom of the browser and it resizes to fit any screen.  Overlaid on top of that is the clouds and portfolio pictures that move as the mouse moves.  Its like a constantly evolving painting!

It utilizes the particle system to keep the massive number of floating objects efficient.  Clicking on the pictures expands them and gives a description of the design work I did for them. 

It is also easy to update as it uses XML to handle the data.  This program is very easily adaptable for many styles.

If you are interested in using this for your own website, let me know and I'll put something together for you.