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Logo Design

joel reinke - Monday, May 23, 2011
In my continuing series on "How to Plan for Web Design" I will now expand upon step 4: Logos.

Logo Design for the Web and Print

Some companies will hire a design firm just to design their logo.  This can be a great process and can also help you to look at important brand identity topics that help your business in a big way. If you can afford to hire someone for this and still have enough budget left for your web design, great, take the time and break these important steps out so they each get the attention they deserve. Mountain Multimedia can also help you to design a great logo for your company as part of the web design, we just won't make as big a process out of it as if you were hiring a design firm for just logo development.  We offer an affordable package for combining web design with logo design. Or if you like, you can hire us to just design a logo and we can focus more on that process. Or both, each with full emphasis.

...The point is, logo design is typically separate from web design, logo is designed first. It doesn't have to be, but its good to spend enough time with each. So plan for it.

When fully designing a company logo, often this is the stage where the colors for the company design are defined. You may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 core colors for your design that will be consistently used throughout all your corporate documents, designs, products, and marketing.  This is defined because printing dictates costs for physical medium. Less colors, lower cost for many real world items. Online you can scale this up to a full-color design because monitors don't charge extra for extra colors. :)  If, for example, your real logo for print has 3 colors, you might also want to have a Black&White version and a Full Color Version. You may also want to match the colors to Pantone codes, CMYK (not RGB), and maybe even match to Paint Colors if you think you could paint a building or room to match your company colors.

Two prevalent types of logos are: Text Only Logos, and Graphic Logos.
Text Only Logos: These are popular today. Its just the company name in some stylized font or even the text turned into a graphic version of the text.  These logos can be nice if you just want to focus on the company name or its hard to determine a graphic that pairs well with your name.
Graphic Logos: Can be a symbol for your company.  Can be a graphic of some sort either paired with the name of the company or not.  Usually its best if the graphics of the logo are clear and somewhat simple so they can be printed easily as well as look good online. 
Some ideas for how to make a logo:

  • A. Take the first letter of your company name and stylize it into a graphical version of the letter that ties into your company theme or product. Then either continue the name or just use that one 'letter'
  • B. Make a Script Style Logo with the First letter or initials of the company.
  • C. Standardize a Corporate Font that matches your Logo
  • D. If you have a symbol or mascot in mind, find some reference images of it that you like how its positioned so you can provide some tangible starting point for the designer.
  • You can sketch out the logo to give your logo designer a head start, but you probably should have a professional make the final graphic design

That's a great start, this should help start the process.

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