Question: Yah, well doesn’t the Sony A55, A65, and A77 solve those DSLR issues?!?

(Auto-focus, Image Stabilization in Video, and other HD Video Problems with DSLRs)

I extensively demo’d the Sony dSLTs (Digital "SLRs" with Translucent Mirrors that don't need to move) which are slightly different by definition than DSLRs and they still exhibited these issues:

The built-in Image Stabilizer is much better than lens based Image Stabilizers but still not as good as mid-level Camcorder Image Stabilizers. With the stock lens on these Sony’s performing a smooth zoom is impossible - the zoom ring is sticky and plastic. Yah, the higher end lenses solve this but then you are in a whole new price range. Plus there is still a time limit on each video clip.

Using Sony’s Digital SLT cameras, the auto focus is very good, the only issue is that the focus happens so quickly that it is quite an abrupt change in video to see focus shift from one subject to another this way (kind of jerky).  I couldn't find any option for slowing the autofocus down for this cinematic focus effect but if you want that you could just manually focus.  Mainly the autofocus is very good and could be the best thing for fast action.