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H&R Block

Implemented a new CMS for their website using Drupal for easier management of massive content requirements.  Working on SEO in many categories, focusing on strong local results for the Shoreline and Marysville offices.

Snohomish County Web Design and SEO: H & R Block 

Brides and Beyond

Complete Online store of Bridal Dresses, Bridesmaids, Mothers, Flowergirls, accessories, and alterations.  Efficient Flash Intro.  Utilizing Business Catalyst system.  Beautiful design.

Bridal Web Design and Online Store 

Edmonds Sports Academy

Originally helped them maintain an existing Wordpress custom developed eCommerce Solution. However, the Edmonds Sports Academy continued to grow and develop into a more complicated animal. At that point I stepped in and offered a better, more flexible eCommerce system that could handle a much broader spectrum of online purchase needs.  The system is still in Wordpress, but now they can tap into many more aspects of Wordpress plugins and solutions. Mountain MultiMedia continues to offer them: Content management, deeper customizing, video management, and site maintenance.

Edmonds Sports Web Design and SEO 

Wellness 4 Ever

Complete overhaul of existing Wordpress platform.  SEO services and coaching.  Complete new design coming soon.  Flash animation coming.

Edmonds Wellness Web Design and SEO 








Cynderellie's Closet

3D Flash Web Design plus done with Wordpress combining advanced Flash 3D Design with Papervision and working with Wordpress for a quite advanced system.

Bridal Web Design and 3D Flash 

Dream a little, don't limit yourself in your visions!  You might come up with something like this!

Blue Stilly - Online Store and Coffee Club

Blue Stilly Coffee Roasters is a great company that's been doing online sales and a coffee club with home delivery for some time but were running into limitations on their old e-commerce system: It didn't give a consistent look from their non-store pages and their store pages... a common problem with some e-commerce packages. Also, they were not happy with their 'template-based' design and could only take it so far, now they have a completely custom design!

Now with their new system designed by Mountain Multimedia, the sky is the limit with the wealth of features built in to their integrated online business system. 

Features: "3D" Slideshow (built in Flash with quick load time in mind: only 7KB), Product Import from Old System (but then changed pictures to make them look better), Custom Catalog Sidebar utilizing JQuery, Newsletter, Featured Products.

Snohomish County Web Design: Blue Stilly Coffee Roasters by Mountain Multimedia

Garden Gear - Full Online Store

Edmonds best Garden Boutique. With a specialty in well-chosen hand tools and garden decor.  This is a new Online Store that really gives some fresh features. 

It has a fun shopping cart that fills up with items as you shop.  Lots of great garden tools, decor, and supplies.

Edmonds Web Design: Garden Gear by Mountain Multimedia

Body Spa - Interactive, CMS, Wordpress

The Body Spa Website has gone under a 2 part adaptation to create the best user experience for clients and the owner, who needed easy control of content updates.

The first and primary development by Mountain MultiMedia was a huge undertaking of Interactive content, a photography shoot, consultation, fun Flash features, a rich and dimensional looking layout, a separate blog using Wordpress, and a lot more. It also utilizes XML for some Flash content so its easy to Update.

The second stage was to update the site to fully run on WordPress for its easy Content Management tools. We had tried to find an easy to use, free, off-line editor so the owner of Body Spa could update the pages, but nothing worked out well. The blog we built already used Wordpress, but it was a separate part of the web site. The owner found Wordpress quick and easy to use for updating content so we went with it for developing further. It did require significant adaption to convert the design with lots of Flash in it to Wordpress mainly because it uses PHP. PHP has become a great tool for Mountain Multimedia to make dynamic web sites and many of our new sites use it.

SIDE NOTE: some online chatter makes it seem like you can't use Flash in Wordpress: THIS IS NOT TRUE! Body Spa uses Flash extensively in Wordpress. Probably why some people had issues is because it requires getting into the theme files and doing some real work. Wordpress Plugins also exist for this if you don't know how to edit Wordpress Themes at the PHP level.

Everett Web Design: Body Spa by Mountain Multimedia

Arista Wine Cellars - classy design

Smooth, classy design incorporating many elements of wine enjoyment into the web design. Flash animation, jQuery Slideshows.

We are in the process of upgrading the site to utilize an Online Store and many new content features

Edmonds Web Design: Arista Wine Cellars by Mountain Multimedia

Radiance Detailing

A great web-site with both Full Flash design and a HTML version for compatibility

Lynnwood Web Design by Mountain MultiMedia

Thematix - Theme Songs

Owner Joel Reinke's solo project.

Taking popular theme songs from TV and Movies and turning them into electro/trance/and Drum N Bass versions for your amusement.

Edmonds Web Design: Thematix by Mountain Multimedia

Solamente - Hair Products Logo

Designed Brand Logo for Jessee Skitrall's business

Clean, simple, modern, stylish logo design.

Absolut Hair - LOGO

Designed Company Logo and Flash Animation for the web site.

Everett Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

Elation Entertainment - Business Card

Business Card Design for DJ company

Lynnwood Logo Design

La Palma - Custom Web Design

Just a nice unique layout and design for a Medical Industry Company.

Edmonds Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

McDonald McGarry - Animation + Services



Stylish Auto Industry Web Design.

A great web-site with both Full Flash design and a HTML version for compatibility


Edmonds Web Design - Lynnwood Web Design

Three Cups of Tea:

Logo, Photography, Online Store

Three Cups of Tea Featuring the Interactive Tea Experience, our photography, and clever layout
On-line Experience, FLASH navigation & animation, original Theme Song, Photography Package
Bothell Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

Treasures and Teas - Web & Photography

Edmonds WA's only loose leaf tea shop with a nautical emphasis. Fun web design with a flash header for smooth graphic navigation and a seaside animation. Particular care went into the photography for this website and Jennifer and I set up a full photoshoot with backdrops and lighting. Lots of fun nautical decor and gifts including mermaid and pirate stuff.
Tech Used: Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, XML, Canon DSLR and software, lighting, and more

Edmonds Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

Fantastic Pet Sitting

Collaborative project where I provided the graphic design of the web site and authored additional pages. John Davis authored the initial content and Eades did the initial web coding

I've now continued this project by developing it further for SEO and content purposes.  We've drastically improved the SEO of a multitude of keywords and phrases.

"Since this [upgraded website] my income has increased by 30% over the last year" -from Dan (owner of Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service)

Seattle Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

Maxx Salon & Spa


Stylish Salon Industry design built on Wordpress CMS. Useful for the owner to keep updates easy.

A modern stylish design that conveys professionalism.
Bothell Web Design by Mountain Multimedia

Elite Serve Cleaning

Elite Serve Cleaning provides House Cleaning and Office Cleaning to the Kirkland area and a broad surrounding area.  We provided a porting of the old web site from a non-searchable site into a highly searchable Wordpress Site and Search Engine Optimization.

Kirkland House Cleaning: Elite Serve Cleaning 

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