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Web Activity Cycle Mousepad

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Have you wondered: How can I keep track of everything I need to do to be successful online?

Maybe you've read books or pages on Search Engine Optimization and other important online business and social activities BUT have trouble remembering what to do to stay on top of it on a weekly and monthly basis.

Or, maybe you haven't the foggiest idea of where to start to get your website, a.k.a. the online business side of your business, up and running successfully.

This is why I have developed the...

Web Activity Cycle

as a Mousepad.

This will be the most useful mousepad you have ever owned. It functions just like a regular mousepad but it has Weekly and Monthly reminders of what to do with yourself as you manage your online business.  The advice ranges from more obvious points (but great reminders) to some tips and tricks you wouldn't necessarily know about unless you really studied SEO and related topics.

6 inches by 8 inches

In addition to the short reminders on each step of the Weekly and Monthly Cycle, there is a short code to a webpage to get to more info about each step to learn more about how and why to do each step.  Once you've read these web pages you'll know how to do each step and be more successful online.  If a step is beyond your level of online skills, contact us to set up some coaching to get you more self-sufficient online or hire us to be your Web-Team if you are too busy for certain steps.

Any way you look at it, it gives you more constant reminders of how to stay on track online.  That's a guide that you just didn't have before.

Custom Designed and Copyright 2011 by Joel Reinke

Web Activity Cycle Mousepad

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