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Template-based Website

  • $199.00

Mountain MultiMedia will create for you a complete website utilizing Wordpress for its easy to use platform.  You will be able to edit, maintain, and add to the site after you get training on how to use it.

Before or After purchasing this product, fill out this form to give us the info we need to build your site.

Please note: there are limitations to this affordable package:

  • You get to select from a few versatile template-based designs that are customizable to a degree but are not Custom Designed just for your company... if you want a custom design from us please contact us so we can talk about what you need
  • You should have already purchased a WebHosting package and a Domain Name for your site.  After your purchase we will contact you to plug into this account and get the website ready.  If you still need to do this CLICK HERE and see Step 1.  This offers you more control so you OWN your domain name and webhosting.  Not many web design companies give you this much control.  If you would rather have us take care of the domain name and offer low cost web hosting for $3 per month Contact Us.
  • You can upload your Logo for the website and it will be used in the layout.  If you have your logo with a transparent background please send it to us in that format (for example: a PNG or GIF format file).  No modifications will be made to improve the logo or graphics to make them look better on the website.  So please, provide the logo in a format that looks good on the web.
  • Any graphics provided will be used as is. Photo pictures are best in a JPG format.  If additional work is needed to get the graphics files to a web-ready state there will be an additional charge. 
  • You will be given access to training resources so that you can learn how to update or add to your own website.  One thing to keep in mind here is that you could accidentally mess-up your website if you do something you're not trained on.  Mountain MultiMedia will be there to the rescue when needed, but this is a service we'd charge for based on the time needed to repair it. 

An advantage to this approach is that it is built with an easy to upgrade platform so we can customize it for you later.  Look for future options to upgrade your site this way or CONTACT US now for more info.

Template-based Website

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