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Edmonds Online News

Joel Reinke - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I wanted to share some resources that are new or updated for Edmonds that are online:

  • Cynderellie's Closet - has a new bridal web site that I designed that features 3D Design using Flash Papervision3D and Wordpress.  This is a good resource for any soon to be bride in the area for dresses, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and good advice.
  • Wellness 4 Ever - provides info and resources on products to help your health long run.  Also focuses on Weight Loss, and energy supplements that are healthy.
  • Edmonds Sport Academy - I have begun working with the ESA to provide content management services and developing deeper and better functionality for their Sports Website.  This is a good resource for anyone in or around Edmonds looking to get more involved in sports.
  • Arista Wine Cellars - continuing to build their web presence and online efforts.  There's always something new going on at Arista and their Events Calendar is always adding new, fun events.

Many more Edmonds Online resources coming soon.

Edmonds, now more Web Ready

joel reinke - Friday, April 08, 2011
The city of Edmonds is now one step closer to pure E-commerce heaven.

 Garden Gearof Edmonds just released their new web site that greatly improves their online business potential.  They just celebrated their 15th Anniversary in style at their location with the help of Arista Wine Cellars providing wine tasting, The Resident Cheesemonger providing excellent cheese and crackers, and cupcakes and chocolates (?didn't catch who provided these, I'll add if I hear).  The interesting thing is that Garden Gear has been online since 1999 and doing online sales, but the old web site was tired and of-late has looked and operated too clunky to garner the online confidence web shoppers expect these days.

Enter, Mountain Multimedia, and the comprehensive platform that they can offer for online business. Now Garden Gear utilizes a powerful database for managing the online store.  They have an integrated e-mail marketing tool that's super handy.  Super smooth Web Design ties everything together in a visually appealing way.  Custom designed features make the shopping experience easy and fun with little touches like a Shopping Cart that fills with items as you shop.

Garden Gear is already recieving great reviews on the new site and is seeing increased business because of the better design and easier to browse selection of items.

See it at Garden Gear: Edmonds Garden Tools and Yard Decor

Edmonds: Time to Kick up the Business - try improving your Web Design!

joel reinke - Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Edmonds Mayor's big Press Release is a call out for businesses and citizens to make big strides or the Edmonds Economy may go down the tank.  Here's my summary and some recommendations related to using Web Design to meeting some of these goals:


Mayor Mike Cooper
Edmonds City Council Chambers
March 4, 2011 5pm 
the City of Edmonds is now facing  challenging economic times,
but unlike others we have already made the difficult cuts and decisions over the past decade. 
Since the year 2000 Edmonds has made big cuts already

But now, even with this history of proactive spending cuts and responsible forecasting
by our finance department, we will not be able to sustain the one month reserve as
directed by council policy for much longer. Without action, in 2012 we will fall below that
council mandated one month of reserves, the funds we run the city with should any “non
act of God” crisis hit. This shortfall will not be by any small amount; but by hundreds of
thousands of dollars. It does not have to be that way, and I am dedicated to never
seeing that day arrive here in Edmonds!

To protect the assets our community values it is crucial that we give the voters an  opportunity to consider new revenue this year.

Within the next two weeks, I will be delivering a recommendation for a levy proposal for
consideration on the August primary ballot. My recommendation will include the funds
needed to restore our public safety crime prevention program; preserve Yost pool,
ensure safe parks, trails, playgrounds, and provide funding to begin the process of
restoring our street maintenance program. I am committed to working with the
community and the city council to approach voters to ask for approval to protect these
treasures we value.

In addition, if we are to be sustainable into the future, we must consider partnering with
other local governments in order to control escalating costs as we deliver high quality
services. That is why I am working with our neighbors to explore regional delivery of fire
and emergency medical service. 

((Summary: Get Feedback from Community))
((Summary: We've attracted new businesses...examples: Dick's Drive in and Boeing (in-proximity) )

((Goal: become 20% more energy efficient by the year 2020.  Edmonds Web Design can help with this too))

Using the latest technology available in order to involve the most residents and serve their needs expediently, is possible and with limited investment. The opportunity for convenience to the customer, efficient information sharing and accountability rests in Edmonds becoming current in its technology.

---<  END Press Release Summary / Restatement >----

This is where the tie-in to web design comes in. How can better web design help to reach these goals?

  • Compared to traditional, expensive advertising like print ads, mailings, yellow-pages, etc. Web Design provides better cost effective Eco-Green friendly way to reach customers in a more smart targetted way.
  • e-Commerce provides about 8% of total revenue in U.S. consumer retail type spending but also gives people the chance to really get to know your product before buying in-store
  • Approximately ___% of consumers check online before making a purchase... how many?
    81 percent of respondents said they'd received advice from friends and followers relating to a product purchase through a social site; 74 percent of those who received such advice found it to be influential in their decision. (Click Z, January 2010)
  • With good SEO you can sustain a low cost marketing strategy
  • Going through the process of developing a strong brand online can also help focus your marketing offline and get you thinking about ways to improve everything about your business

DISCLAIMER: Like anything, there's no magic easy ticket for success just from online efforts.  Its hard work to get it done effectively. So work with people that can help you get set up online effectively.