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Mountain Multimedia is a company located in Edmonds, WA USA run by Joel Reinke that provides excellent custom web design for small to mid-sized companies.  This page is dedicated to the businesses of Edmonds, WA and how they and other businesses in "cottage communities" can best take advantage of what the web can offer.

Also just added: Edmonds Web Design Blog for more info about how Edmonds can benefit from online improvements.

Small, cottage community, brick and mortor shops like the ones on and around Main Street Edmonds can be perfect candidates for a range of web design features.  Because of the nature of people traffic to these shops you can be busy sometimes and dead slow on others.  This doesn't sound like a great thing, but it can allow you time to run an online business and/or a social network.  You can turn this time into the ability to have a global reach for your business and keep the flow of revenue more consistant. Here are some ways the small local shop can have global scope and broader, year-round income:

Online Store

You can create an online store for your web site design.  Not every business should do it but here are some types of business that can thrive online:

  • You have unique products or services
  • You have a unique combonation of products
  • You can add something unique to a product so that it stands out from the crowd of similar products online (maybe gift-wrapping or a custom service)
  • Combined with your Edmonds Web Design style, and well designed online store: you can do it better than the competition because your e-store is more fun to shop at
  • You can offer a price or value advantage in some way

Its hard to just compete on price on the internet so these are some other important ways to find a place online to sell products and services.

Social Network

Does your business connect to something social? Is there something on the internet yet for people to connect online to discuss related topics or socialize? Maybe or maybe not, but does it really have the focus that you'd like that blends well with your Edmonds business?

Hmmm... There is a lot of potential for new Social Networks that are industry specific.  Facebook is nice, but it doesn't give you any real tools for making connections for people in a specific interest group.  There are generally groups for many things but your profile doesn't have attributes for specific things like: say a Wine Enthusiast group... a core attribute that says: "Your favorite type of wine".  Well, why not make your own Social Network that does that! You can make a web design that you custom taylor a social network around your business.

A big advantage to this is that you get a lot of natural activity at your web site and a lot more visits.  This can boost web rankings and give your site higher credibility.  You can be recognized as an expert in your field.  That can help bring more business in the long run.

Edmonds Web Design

These are just a couple of ideas for Edmonds and other similar communities to utilize web design for keeping the income flowing year-round and keeping you active all day.  You do not have to be computer savvy to make this work, you just have to be ready to grow!

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Keep Mountain Multimedia in mind if you have needs in this area and don't hesitate to call if you would like more insight into the world of online success.